You can choose 6 ways to make good money from youtube in 2020

You can choose 6 ways to make good money from youtube in 2020

There are several ways to get the best and also money from Youtube: Did you know that famous YouTuber monthly income varies between USD200 – 100K or more! We are not making it up.

You can choose 6 ways to make good money from youtube in 2020
You can choose 6 ways to make good money from youtube in 2020

Become a YouTube Partner and make money from advertising Also, Make money on YouTube by selling several ways of products or merchandise Crowdfund your next creative project And today Let your audience Also support your work through a Good way like “fan funding License your content to media Work with brands as influencers or affiliates We will elaborate on it in more detail in the paragraph below A series of Youtube stars to get fantastic money Get Money on Youtube.

Get Money on Youtube

Moreover, for the millennial generation, surely they have heard the following names; Ahmad from the Canada comedy channel earns USD6.2K – 99.8K per month, with around 21 million subscribers Ahmad from the youtube series Malam Minggu Miko earns USD9.7K – 155.8K per month, with around 6 million subscribers Michelle Phan with her make-up tutorial earns USD257 – 4.1K per month, with around 8 million subscribers.

Very tempting for sure for beginners who are eager and want to learn why some Youtubers are so successful and interesting in the eyes of the audience But if your goal is solely for money and profit, we think it will be very difficult because the Youtubers profession is not as easy as we all think But if you start with the goal of building quality content, you will be surprised to see opportunities and responses from both subscribers and companies Do you know?

YouTube Today is very famous gets more than Two billion unique users a month: Also it’s a very large audience Many people have already made money there: YouTube offers only one million Creators in its YouTube Partner Program With every 1,000 views, you can get an estimated return of $ 2- $ 4.

This does not seem like much, but if you are interested in making 100 videos with 5,000 views each, that’s already $ 1,000 – $ 2,000. Isn’t that a great number They have applied the rules to the partner program. Content creators cannot activate monetization until up to 4,000 hours of video are watched on their channel and 1,000 subscribers to filter people who really want to become YouTubers or just hobbies This is a high requirement and must be obeyed like all new YouTubers. Getting money from YouTube is not as easy as 3-4 years ago.

You can choose 6 ways to make good money from youtube in 2020

Having a million views on a video is not at all simple Fortunately, income doesn’t just flow from YouTube revenue or advertising, there are other ways too After the data above is presented, you might even become shrunken, or even more excited? Are any of you thinking?

They are successful because they have started long ago (the first generation of YouTube), they do have a unique concept, their channel may be endorsed and deliberately made by certain companies, maybe this and maybe that.

Once again, there is no point in thinking too complicated and excessive, if you are interested in creating your own YouTube channel, I really believe that the new YouTube channel can be monetized and competed with old players.

Your earning potential is not only determined by the number of subscribers and views you have, but also by the level of involvement that you are trying, the niche that you serve, and the revenue channels that you explore That doesn’t mean the number of subscribers isn’t important either.

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Understand the Demographics of Your Audience

It would be very good before making a youtube channel, you are contemplating who the videos are targeted to Determine the right audience to position you in a clear place to get money in various ways Food channel surely the audience wants to learn how to cook or find out where the food is The game channel will definitely show whether the game is crowded or know the trick The fitness channel shows how to diet, tether muscles, etc.

I suggest focussing on a particular niche Do not have a lot of niche on your channel Always Get the best FOCUS on the Good you choose on YouTube You can take full advantage of the opportunities you have if you understand your target audience You must pay attention to Gender for male and female distribution, and if your audience is leaning in one direction Age for the range that most of your audience has.

Geographic location for the country or city where your viewers are watching your video Watch Time: The overall involvement of your viewers when watching your video The combination above to describe a more accurate map of your audience by looking at things like the number of male viewers you have in a certain age range With this demographic information, you have a better understanding of your own audience and can also work better with brands You can also use a social blade to compare your own channel to others Now, let us thoroughly examine the various ways that you can make money from YouTube.

How to Get Money on Youtube

Just like being a blogger and Instagram influencer, your followers and audience may open up earning potential, but actually utilizing various income streams is more helpful in making money.

1. Become a YouTube Best Partner and Earn Money From Ads of people

The first revenue stream you will explore is advertising You must set yourself up as a YouTube Partner, which is easy to do in the Creator Studio section of your YouTube account by going to the Channels menu to verify your account and enable Monetization After becoming a Partner, you must have an AdSense account to choose a Google ad network to actually be paid and view the ad revenue reports as below.

When finished, you will see a green “$” next to your video in Video Manager, which indicates whether it has been activated for monetization, which you can click to access monetization settings for each video The setup is easy, but the revenue stream from advertising as a YouTube partner isn’t much.


Don’t Only Rely on Ads for Earnings

YouTube has recently received a lot of reaction because of its decision to be more transparent about advertising on the platform and what qualifies as “advertiser-friendly” content Basically, many creators worry they will lose advertising revenue which helps support the channel due to the nature of their content According to YouTube, your content can be rejected from advertising if it includes: Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including the sale, use, and misuse of these items Get Money on Youtube.

Also, Controversial or sensitive subject events, including and related to the war, political conflicts, natural disasters, and tragedies, even if graphic images are not shown.

But in fact, YouTube has been tampering with content that has not been considered “advertiser-friendly” since 2012 through an automated process.


Now the situation is better because the creator is notified when this happens and can compete with any video that is mistakenly excluded from the YouTube advertising network Advertising may be a common way to generate passive income for creators, but the advantage is that YouTube can maintain around 45% of advertising revenue In short, YouTubers must explore other income streams to maintain their creative hobbies So, let’s take advantage of other income streams!

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2. Make Money On YouTube By Best way Selling Products New or Merchandise

Selling merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee cups, tote bags, snapbacks and more has benefits beyond revenue Also, It increases exposure by putting your Good online brand and Also personality into the offline world and deepening the relationship between you and your fans when they really “buy” what you do Michelle Phan sells her own makeup line under the brand Em Cosmetics Or you can order affordable designs that are designed for certain products such as t-shirts, using freelance sites like Fiverr.

When handling orders and customers, you can integrate your store with services like Oberlo or one of the many print-on-demand providers that take care of all shipping, fulfillment and customer support, this allows you to reap all the benefits of a dropshipping business that demands less effort in your side.

As a YouTuber who has had an audience, you will have two advantages from the start that envy other store owners Content engines that consistently drive traffic to your store Trust your audience, which you have gained by regularly presenting them with your own brand of content for free.

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3.Crowdfund your next creative project


Do you need help buying better equipment, recruiting actors or covering other production costs, you can ask your audience and crowdfunding community to pitch if your idea is interesting enough.

Many successful crowdfunded creative projects tend to offer “sneak peaks” or “snippets” that get people excited. Record videos that explain your project or offer a taste of what it is, like the popular Kickstarter for Kung Fury, a short film that pays homage to the action films of the 80s Popular crowdfunding sites with proven campaign track records from YouTuber include Kickstarter: One of the most famous and good crowdfunding sites to fund cool products and creative projects.

Be sure to set funding goals that can be achieved because you will only secure it if you really meet the goals you set Indiegogo: Kickstarter alternative that offers more flexible funding options.

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4. Let Your YouTube Audience Support Your Work Through Fan Funding (Fan Funding)

Similar to crowdfunding a project, you can also manage the flow of “fan funds” to get donations from your audience As a creator, you donate your voice to the internet without forcing your audience to pay for admission. So, if the content is good, your audience may tend to support you on an ongoing basis.

Many fan funding platforms offer makers another place for people to find their content and ways to engage the most loyal audience and appreciate them for their support Some popular fan fund options include YouTube Fan Funding: This feature on YouTube basically allows you to make a “jar jar” for your viewers to contribute whenever and however they feel they want to contribute.

You must set up a YouTube account for advertising as described above.
Patreon: A membership platform that makes it easy for paid creators. Fans can subscribe to their favorite creators for only one dollar per month and receive exclusive prizes.

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5. License Your Content to the Media

If you make a viral video with mass appeal like funny clips featuring your cat – you can license your content in exchange for money TV news outlets, morning shows, online news sites, and other content creators might reach out about the right to use your video if it goes viral But you can also list your videos in markets such as Juken Media where your content will be easier to find and buy by the right people.

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6. Work with Brands as Influencers or Affiliates

Brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing, spending their large advertising budget for influencers who have won the loyalty of their audience This creates a great opportunity for you as a creator if you can negotiate the right agreement.

Brendan Gahan, YouTube marketing expert, and influencer recommend you set your basic fixed costs by looking at the number of video views that you normally get and multiplying them by 5 to 15 cents per view (ie around how much a brand wants to pay to see through YouTube ads).

Depending on your leverage – audience demographics, quality of content, and how unique and profitable the niche market is – you might be able to negotiate a better deal if the brand is right To give you another idea of what is potential, you can charge, according to one study, a mid-level influencer charges an average of $ 200 to $ 500 per post The same study also showed that about 69% of YouTubers surveyed did not think that partnering with brands reduced their authenticity.

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The key when partnering with brand-sponsored content is to be transparent about it – don’t support anything that you don’t like or believe in, and be open with your audience about why you do it Here are some influencer markets where you can add channels and are found by big and small brands:Famebit: With a variety of brands to work with, you might find sponsorship opportunities that you will be proud of. You need 5000 followers to join.

Crowdtap: Complete the “task” of creating small content in exchange for money and other rewards. There is no limit to how many followers you need to join Some influencer markets offer you free products, while others are known to have big brands that are willing to pay more.

Take advantage of opportunities that best suit your needs, but register yourself in as many places as possible to ensure maximum visibility for your channel You can also become an affiliate for a brand and generate passive residual income through commissions from every sale you make through your channel This works especially well if you are reviewing products as part of your YouTube channel.

Because there is no risk involved at the brand end (they only pay when making a sale), there is usually a low bar to start with Popular affiliate programs include ClickBank (1% to 75% commission depending on what the vendor determines) and Amazon’s Affiliate network (get up to 10% per sale) How to “Sell” Without Disturbing Your Audience

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Many of the strategies above for earning money involve promoting a product (eg your shop) or a campaign (eg Crowdfunding video series).

You still have to make your audience aware of this without sabotaging the integrity of your content There are a number of “placements” that you can choose to promote your product or campaign Ask the audience to like.

Many YouTubers include invitations to act along those lines at the end of their videos to increase viewership By suggesting the desired action you want them to take, your audience is more likely to actually take it.

You can adjust this approach to direct your audience’s attention to income-generating opportunities Add Link to Your Video Description Promote Your Offer on Other Platform Spread the word about new campaigns or discounts on Twitter, Facebook and other profiles that you might have So it’s always a good idea to grow your social media followers outside of YouTube.

Are you the next Youtubepreneur? Does the series of information above answer your question about how to get money from YouTube?

We strongly believe the first step is very important and don’t think too long It never hurts to try first Be creative in creating content and we believe success will follow! You can choose 6 ways to make good money from youtube in 2020.

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