Google’s Liked Blogs Criteria

Google’s Liked Blogs Criteria

Google’s Most Liked Blog Criteria – As the internet world progresses and grows rapidly, and one of the most important search engines is Google.

Liked Blogs Criteria

Google’s Liked Blogs

It is undeniable that Google is one of the biggest and most popular search engines to date, many people who do searches are done on Google, because on average what people search on the internet can certainly be found on the Google search page.

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With the popularity of Google as a search engine, then almost everyone who has a blog competes to make their blog on the main page of Google.


Competing in search engines like Google is not an easy matter, especially to be in the first place.


Google’s Liked Blogs Criteria


So that many who do evil ways or techniques (black hat SEO), but by doing such techniques instead of being on the main page of Google, can actually have a negative impact on the blog itself.


The question is, how do you get to be on the main page of Google?


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Maybe you already know that Google is on the main page, which is only 10 sites with the best quality.


Basically, to be on the main page of Google is quite easy and does not need to do dirty ways, you just know the criteria of the most preferred blog by Google.


1. Blog with a Special Domain


The purpose of the special domain here is the Top Level Domain (TLD), using a special domain certainly no longer uses Blogspot or WordPress.


Although Google prefers TLD blogs, that does not mean Google hates Blogspot or WordPress, it does not rule out the possibility, too, if your quality blog will be able to match blogs with a special domain. It’s just that Google will treat special blogs with a TLD domain.


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2. Aged Blogs


According to expert SEO experts say that Google will prefer blogs that are already old alias old.


Whether it has something to do or not, but Google doesn’t like young leaves, because Google judges the maturity of the blog itself.


Blogs that are old, then the value of maturity, by having many advantages which one of them in terms of the number of posts.


However, you should not assume that old blogs will immediately be liked by Google because not all old blogs become Google’s favorite. Only old blogs that maintain and always improve the quality that will be liked by Google.


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3. Have Many Posts


Blogs that have lots of posts are certainly very good in the eyes of Google. As mentioned above, that old blogs that Google likes are always updated.


That means, the older the blog, the more the number of posts.


In this case, the point is, make a blog full of posts, because the more posts will be better in the eyes of Google.


With so many posts on your blog, then the pages that are crawled by Google will also be more and more, it means your chance to be on the main page of Google will be even greater.

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4. Have Quality Posts


As I said above that Google likes blogs with a large number of posts, but having lots of posts if not qualified is not Google’s favor, because Google is quite selective in choosing blogs. In this case besides having to have a lot of posts, and those posts must also be quality.


Many are asking what a quality post is like, the purpose of a quality post is the posting of the work itself does not copy and paste the property of others, and the main thing is the post content that can be useful for readers.

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5. Blog Focus


The purpose of a blog that is focused is the blog content only raises certain topics, in this case, the topic discussed in the blog is only one specific topic.


Maybe Google can still accept blogs that discuss one of four topics, but if there are many topics discussed or often called a hodgepodge blog, then Google won’t like it.


Make a blog that is not too many topics raised, because it is likely that Google will also be confused about determining what type of search is suitable for your blog.


By setting a specific topic, Google will easily mark your blog as an expert at it. If your blog starts to seriously work on one specific topic, then Google will no longer be ignored.


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6. Blogs with good links


The purpose of a good link here is a blog that has internal links that are well organized, which in one article must be connected to another article, in this case, called an internal link.


But not only has an internal link, but you also do not forget the power of external links that connect to other blogs.

Because with these two links, then Google will prefer the blog.

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