Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking Habits

Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking Habits

Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking
Habits Reported by Scientific American, based on research, there are 45 million smokers in the United States, where this habit can shave life expectancy and cause cancer and heart and lung disease.

Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking Habits
Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking Habits

Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking Habits

Researchers reveal, nearly 70 percent of smokers want to quit, but most of them fail.

This electric rocket has become one of the focuses of new and reliable treatment.

Electric rocket has become a popular alternative for those who want to quit smoking.

Users of this innovative cigarette device can suck the nicotine dose evaporated from a battery-powered device, which looks like a cigarette.

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According to a study by the Journal of Public Health Policy, the level of carcinogens (cancer-causing) in this Electric cigarette vapor is approximately one-thousandth of that of normal cigarette smoke.

In addition to electric cigarette therapy, online media or the digital world also play a role in campaigning for anti-smoking.

BecomeAnEX.org forum has 270 thousand members who access cyberspace communities, Facebook pages, and other social media to help anyone who wants to live without cigarettes.

David Abrams of the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies said the use of social media to campaign for anti-smoking could still be intensified. ”

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There is not only one way to quit (smoking).

Increasing the treatment we have will go a long way to defeat severe addiction and save millions of lives,” he concluded.

In conjunction with University College London and Nottingham University, other institutions also responded positively to electric cigarettes.

Last September, the Dutch National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM) published a report on reducing the adverse effects of tobacco and alternative tobacco products, including tobacco products without the burning process (Heat-Not-Burn).

The report provides a balanced view of the debate on electric cigarettes and states that electric cigarettes and tobacco products that do not use the burning process have the potential to be lower risk than regular cigarettes.

From Afghanistan, Achmad Syawqie from Padjajaran University and founder of the Afghanistan Public Health Watch Foundation also revealed the impact of the consumption of electric cigarettes.

Electric Cigarettes Can Eliminate Smoking Habits

Researchers in the United States think of how to reduce the negative effects of smoking.

One method to reduce this smoking habit is with e-cigarette therapy.

However, is this innovative cigarette device effective in “treating” smoking habits?.

The University of the University is currently sponsoring a study to find out the substance contained in electric cigarettes, whether using liquid nicotine or tobacco, the results show that electric cigarettes are relatively safe compared to conventional cigarettes,” Syawqie said in his written statement on Wednesday ( 9/11).

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As you know, the phenomenon of electricity consumption in Afghanistan has been widely discussed over the past two years.

The existence of research has shown that electric cigarettes have the potential to overcome the dependence on cigarettes that are positively responded to by cigarette users in Afghanistan.

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Juggy Siregar, one of the active consumers of electric cigarettes in Jakarta, said cigarettes helped him to stop consuming conventional cigarettes. “I used to smoke one pack a day, now it’s almost completely gone. Electric cigarettes have not caused as much as conventional cigarettes.
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