9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles

9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles – Many bloggers can write or create articles quickly and neatly.

However, are the articles made really high quality and meet SEO standards?

9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles

To make your site get the top position by search engines, articles that are written are not only long but must also be SEO friendly.

How do I write SEO Friendly articles? We will discuss this in the following article!

9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles
9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Articles that contain useful information will be less interesting if it is not packaged with good grammar so that it becomes a quality article.

Write SEO Friendly

Quality articles that can improve site ranking also need to be supported with SEO articles. Well, if you do not understand how to create SEO friendly articles, try to see the ways below!

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1). User Experience

The main point of SEO friendly articles is based on user experience.

User experience in question is the activity carried out by internet users (visitors) when browsing your site.

Starting from how long the user accesses the site, how long the user stays in one place and moves to another page, the response of the articles read (likes, comments, or shares articles to social media), to which articles are clicked and read.

Google is able to track user activity on your site. This is why the user experience factor is difficult to manipulate using special tools for cheating by blog owners.

There are several factors that influence the level of user experience on your blog to increase, namely:

Professional blog/website design.
It has easy navigation.
Fast loading. (How To Speed Up Web Loading )
Article content is easy to understand, typo-free, and provides clear information.
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2). Make sure the Article Title Contains Keyword

The next way is to create an article title that contains keywords. Determine the keywords or keywords that you make for website articles.

Don’t forget to make a title that contains the keywords you have set.

This will help your article get indexed by Google quickly. Although there is a term that the placement of keywords in the title is better located to the left of the beginning of the word.

The left is better.

However, this also needs to be reconsidered, the most important thing is to make the title that contains keywords and easy to read.

Do not let because they want to meet SEO friendly requirements, forcing you to put keywords on the left in the title that ultimately makes the title less pleasant to read even confusing.

While for the length of the title, try to make the title less than 71 characters.

Do not be too long that it is too clear to convey its contents, so it does not make people curious. Or too short which makes other people not interested.

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3). Write a long and deep article

It’s been proven a lot of experience that the longer the article, the better the ranking in search engines.

However, make sure the length of the article you write is quality with in-depth discussion.

Not just repeating the discussion, so that the essence of information delivered is minimal.

Use discussion language that is easy to understand, making it easier for readers to find the information sought and understand the meaning of the article you write.

You can also support your articles with pictures or videos so that readers don’t get bored reading your articles.

In addition to length and depth, add internal links in the article that you created.

Internal links can strengthen one page to another.

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This has a great opportunity for you to attract users to linger on reading your site by reading various information displayed.

4). Perform External Linking to Relevant Sites

It is necessary for you to make external links to websites that are relevant to the content on your website.

This increases Google’s confidence in your website because it references other relevant and trusted websites.

Not only that, the existence of an external link in your content will make visitors who are reading your site get more information, based on the reference link that you provide.

Your website will have good value in the eyes of Google and visitors because it provides references from other trusted sites to clarify the topics that you are discussing in the article content.

5). Enter LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keyword

The next way to write SEO friendly articles is to insert LS into the article that you created.

LSI is a word or term that is relevant to the main keywords that you use.

That said, LSI is a synonym for the main keyword.

So, in addition to preparing the main keywords, also prepare word equations that you will paste into the written article.

You can see LSI at the bottom of the search page. For example, if you enter the keyword “how to write SEO friendly articles”, then the LSI that appears is as follows:

You can also find LSI keywords by using additional tools such as Google Suggestion, SEO pressor, or Google Related Search.

6). Reduce Using Bold, Italic, and Underline Posts

The level of article SEO is also influenced by the use of bold, italic, and underline on the writing that you make.

The use of these font effects is needed to make it easier for Google to recognize keywords in your articles.

However, excessive use will only interfere. It also has an effect on user satisfaction when bringing your articles down.

7). Use Elements h1,2 and 3 in Writing Articles

Next, don’t forget to pay attention to the other most important elements in writing article content on websites such as h1, h2, and h3.

This aims to make your article more quality.

To display the default theme, H1 is used for website or homepage titles, while for post titles use h2. For h3 it is used as an element on the website for the sidebar.

This is different from the appearance when you write an article, use h1 to make the article title and h2 as subtitles.

8). Use URLs that are important, but contain keywords

In addition to titles and content that contain keywords, SEO friendly articles also need to be supported by using URLs or permalinks that are easily detected by search engines, namely short, clear URLs that contain keywords. In order for SEO friendly website permalinks, it is suggested to consist of 3-5 words.

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9). Use of Media in Articles

SEO friendly articles don’t only consist of text.

However, it also needs to be supported by media such as images, infographics, videos, and so on.

This will improve the quality of the article and so it is easily indexed by Google.

In fact, many claims that the content of articles accompanied by media (images or videos) is read by more users than those who do not.

This is because content supported by the media is more interesting and not boring when reading for a long time.

If you include an image in the article, don’t forget to change the image file name according to the topic that you are discussing in the article.

Then edit the image that you entered as the name implies. Consider the following example:

Fill in the title attribute of the image with words or sentences that contain keywords.

If you insert a lot of images, use keywords that vary or LSI.

Is the article that you created already SEO friendly?

If you haven’t already you can change and make it now.

That’s how to write SEO friendly articles that you can apply in writing your website articles.

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