5 Best Launcher Applications for Android 2019

5 Best Launcher Applications For Android 2019, One of the advantages of the Android operating system is that it is very easy customization by installing an application launcher.

5 Best Launcher Applications for Android

However, many of them have the usual appearance, minimal features, but heavy when running, and wasteful of batteries so many users are sorry after installing it.

Applications For Android

5 Best Launcher Applications for Android 
5 Best Launcher Applications for Android

But don’t worry, it can be solved with the launcher that I will share now, I’m curious about what?

Let’s just look at the 5 Best Launcher Applications for Android 2019 below

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1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Aviate Launcher successfully attracted the attention of many Android users when it was just released and inaugurated.

Because of this success, the launcher was later acquired by a well-known company, Yahoo.

One of the most interesting things about this launcher is that it changes its appearance automatically based on the time and place you are in.

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For example, when you are at home, Aviate will display a variety of applications that you often use at home.

When going to the office or wherever you go, Aviate directly presents the application for navigation.

Then when you arrive at the office, the office and business applications will appear on your smartphone.

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2. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is a pure Android launcher made by a well-known company, Google.

This launcher comes with a minimalist look but rich incomplete functionality.

By using this launcher, you will look as if you are using a Nexus device made by Google.

Because the appearance of this launcher will always be adjusted to the latest version of Android which is certainly not left behind.

In addition to integrating Google Now, this launcher also allows you to do voice control directly without the need to press any buttons.

This launcher is available for free on the Google Play Store, but not all devices can use this application. Currently only Nexus, Google Play Edition, and some devices that fully support it to use this sophisticated application.

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3. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a standard Android launcher that is suitable for beginners who are new to using the launcher application.

This launcher presents feature settings and customizations that are quite simple but complete.

Therefore, beginners who are not familiar with a variety of options and complicated features will be very suitable to use this launcher.

Nova Launcher is available in two versions, namely the free version and there is also a paid version.

But the free version also offers a variety of superior features it has. This way you don’t need to pay to buy the paid version.

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4. Apex

just like Nova Launcher, Apex is also a launcher that is suitable for beginners who want to use the launcher application.

Because the best launcher for Android tablets also offers a variety of standard features by selecting customizations that are easy to understand and complete.

One interesting feature of Apex is the tablet mode where you can install this launcher on various Android tablets without problems.

In addition, the paid version also features the Apex Notifier feature which will present a push notification for the widget you are using.

5. Microsoft Launcher

The excellent feature of this launcher application is that you can reach phone contacts easily so that you can easily contact the most important people by pinning contacts to the main screen or placed anywhere.

This Microsoft Launcher has been downloaded more than 10 million smartphone users, which is one of the best launcher application choices for you.

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Well, those are the 5 best application launchers for Android 2019.

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